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The Iowa State Education Association works to promote, advance, and protect public education, the education profession, and the rights and interests of our members.

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The Value of Membership

Salary and Benefits

Simply put, educators deserve professional pay for professional work — and the members of ISEA are the premiere advocates fighting to ensure you’re paid what you’re worth. This also means fighting against legislative cuts to your benefits such as health insurance and retirement.


From the local school board to the state legislature, elected officials are making decisions that impact your schools — join our union and be a part of the discussion. ISEA members form the strongest voice advocating for educators and students in Iowa. We’re advocating for increased funding, raising respect for all public educators, and standing in solidarity to secure fair wages for every worker in our schools.


Being an educator can be stressful — but you’re not alone. ISEA members have a support system of thousands of educators and ISEA staff who live and work in your district. Whether you’re a new teacher who needs advice on a difficult classroom or a food service worker that’s pushing back against student lunch debt – our union members are here to provide support, experience, and their voices to your needs.

Professional Development

ISEA is one of the largest providers of high-quality professional development trainings in the state. Take part in continuing education in everything from classroom management to teacher evaluations.

Leadership Training

Do you have big dreams to help your students and school? ISEA has access to robust leadership training courses that will give you the skills to be an effective leader in your school, community, and state.

Legal Protection

Members get access to the best team of education law experts in the state. Having our liability insurance makes sure that ISEA has you covered.

Member Discounts

Members can take advantage of deep discounts on vacations, movie tickets, life insurance, cars and more.

Need help joining Iowa State Education Association?

Use the links below. Active Professional/Certified and Active ESP/Classified Educators can join through our main membership portal. If you are an Aspiring Educator, Pre-Retired Educator, or Retired Educator, use the links below to join. If you continue to have difficulty joining, contact us to receive further assistance.

Member Voices: ‘Why do I support the Iowa State Education Association?”

I joined the union simply because it is the most effective way for laborers’ voices to be heard. I believe that there is strength in numbers and that unions allow labor to organize across industries and borders.”

George Anderson
Social Studies Teacher, Coach
John F. Kennedy High School
2019 Iowa Teacher of the Year

ISEA is the voice of Iowa’s public school employees. Involvement in ISEA has helped me find my passion, given me voice, and honed my leadership skills. I am an active member and leader of ISEA because, as such, I work alongside other members to educate, to advocate, and to elevate the profession.”

Kerisa Baedke
World Languages Teacher
Prairieview School

ISEA has long been an organization I admire. The ISEA respects me and my profession. Both of my parents were members when they taught. I have a hard job, I’m glad ISEA has my back. The friends I’ve made are a pleasant bonus!”

Liz Harris
Special Education Associate
Mid-Prairie Middle School

What Are You Waiting For?

No other professional organization does more for educators across Iowa. With your support, we can protect our profession today, and for the next generation of teachers.