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The Delaware State Education Association works to promote, advance, and protect public education, the education profession, and the rights and interests of our members.

The Value of Membership!

Professional Development

DSEA is one of the largest providers of high-quality professional development trainings in the state. Earn PDPs in everything from classroom management to teacher evaluations.

A Say in Your Future

From the state house to the local school board, elected officials are making decisions that impact your classroom — you must be part of the discussion. DSEA members form the strongest voice advocating for more time to teach, fair evaluations, salary increases, and more.

Peer Support

Teaching is tough — there is no reason to face it alone. DSEA members have exclusive access to a support system of tens of thousands of educators, and DSEA staff who live and work in your district.

Leadership Training

Improve public education in your district by learning the skills to be an effective leader in your school, community and state.

Legal Protection

Members get access to the best team of education law experts in the state. Also, liability insurance only works if there is no “violation of any board rule or policy” — DSEA has you covered.

Member Discounts

Members can take advantage of deep discounts on vacations, movie tickets, life insurance, cars and more. The cash you’ll save more than off-sets the cost of membership.

Need help joining DSEA?

Active Professional/Certified and Active ESP/Classified Educators can join through our main membership portal. If you are an Aspiring Educator, Pre-Retired Educator, or Retired Educator, use the links below to join. If you continue to have difficulty joining, contact us to receive further assistance.

Member Voices: ‘Why do I support DSEA?”

I wanted to feel connected to educators throughout the state and learn how to leverage my voice through organized action. I love how responsive DSEA is to current events and educator needs. DSEA’s strong stance on equity and justice supports my work as a school psychologist and gives me substantial hope for change.”

Ryan Palmer
School Psychologist
H.O. Brittingham & Milton Elementary Schools

“Being an educator can prove to be a difficult task at times. With the support of my union, I am able to do what is in the best interests of my students.”

Kizzy Perkins
Paraeducator, Anna R. Mote Elementary School

I joined because I wanted the protection of my union. I don’t like injustice. I’ve seen what the union does for my co-workers and myself.”

Alicia Hall
Smyrna Elementary School

What Are You Waiting For?

No other professional organization does more for Delaware educators. With your support, we can protect our profession today, and for the next generation of teachers.